Factors causing a wet basement

Wet basement is a general problem for many homeowners. We basement cause a lot of repair work each year and gradually reduce the value of the property. Wet basement can be for lots of reasons. You have to figure out the issue with the help of leaky basement repairs expert as soon as possible to decrease your costs and also to reject damage to your property. Wet basement has some plain signs which can tell you that your basement is getting moisture. Those signs contains stains on walls, mold, strange musty odor, peeling paint, corrosion and rusting. Before any remedy, you must have to look the right cause for this issue with wet basement repairs expert, because without knowing the right cause you cannot get rid of this extreme issue.


Condensation can be one of that reasons causing dampness in your basement. Look for any signs of water after rain your basement. If you do not find any sign of water then the issue can be condensation. Condensation is the process which happens when hot air comes in contact with chill walls of the basement. Due to this reaction little drops are formed when hot air starts to chill and those drops cause the wetness in the basement. Condensation can due to lots of reasons. It can be due to clotheslines, showers or dryers etc. if you have shower in your basement, it is advised to use exhaust fan and keep all the vents open to make sure the free flow of the air. This will help to stop the moisture built up in the air. Dehumidifiers should be used to reject moisture.

basement waterproofing


Grading is all vital after a heavy downpour. Check the surrounding of the home for presence of any puddles. Rising the depth of channels and filling the spouts can be handy to prevent the water penetration into the basement walls. To prevent the water accumulation, you can use soil combined with clay, this will help water flow away instead of absorbing into the ground. Little rivers are very risky as they flow towards the base of the home causing basement walls to become wet.


Leaks are another factor of leaky basement window. Usually leaked roofs are big factor for accumulated moisture in the basement. Check the gutters and downspouts for right working. Any blockage in downspouts or gutters will cause the water to flow down towards the foundation. Check the gutters and downspouts rightly. Clean them and get rid of any blockage or clogging to make sure the free flow of water away from the basement.

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